mal a' propos

Michele Ari

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Music+Bonus Files

"mal a' propos" is a heartfelt and passionate no-holds barred collection of songs. Modern new wave music calling to mind Blondie when punk was sexy.

The title mal a' propos is a French word meaning "out of place" or "not fitting," which described not just Ari's journey at this time, the one that came in between her first record and her second, but Ari herself.

"These songs ring true (even if you are a guy and therefore on the wrong side of the fence) and that makes the post punk songs on this EP all the more resonant. With so much faith placed in transitory fame these days, it's a relief to encounter an artist who tells it straight. It's actually difficult to do but Ms. Ari neatly avoids the pit of angst and self pity and makes it all real for us. I've never even met her and I already like her."

Bonus files:

Want to play along or create your own cover versions? Music charts included!

Just feel like singing along? Lyrics are part of the package laid out on a photo from the recording studio and signature.

Liner notes.

Enjoy and please share your versions with me !

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