1. Don't Go

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Don't Go

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Produced by Michele Ari and John Roberson
All Original Words and Music Michele Ari
Guitar: Jeff Hime
Bass: Matt Halpern
Drums: Joe Dorn
Keys: "Fish" Michie
Theramin: Steve Poulton
Engineered by Dan someone or other.
Recorded at Nashville, TN
Mixed and Mastered by John Nixon, Ron Rose Productions, Detroit, MI

Photos: Richard Call


Don't walk away so soon
Maybe I'm in love with you
I might want to take you home
I might be what you need so

Don't go

Don't laugh when I cry on the phone
Please hide those faults of your own
I might be the one that you want
I might be what you've always known

Don't go

Is there a light at the end of this path
Is there a brass ring to grab
Where is my pot full of gold
How much for that river you sold

Don't say there's no love at first sight
I'm holding on very tight
I want to take you home
I am just what you need so

Don't go