1. 6am

From the recording mal a' propos

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Produced by Michele Ari and John Roberson
All Original Words and Music Michele Ari
Guitar: Jeff Hime
Bass: Matt Halpern
Drums: Joe Dorn
Keys: "Fish" Michie
Theramin: Steve Poulton
Engineered by Dan someone or other.
Recorded at Nashville, TN
Mixed and Mastered by John Nixon, Ron Rose Productions, Detroit, MI

Photos: Richard Call


Lying on the floor with your face in your hands
And you're oh so tired of one night stands
So you check all the lines on your face in the mirror
And you wish life would get so much clearer

Next you toss and you turn
Cause your memories burn
With a fate that you feel you never deserved
But you, it was always you

Standing outside cause its 6am
But you won't go home
You won't go to bed
Can't sleep well from the screaming in your head
Seems the ghosts from your past are really not dead

So you blame the girl with the sun in her eyes
Think its all my fault you're dying inside
But you, it was always you

Here we are again under covers and then suddenly out of nowhere
You tell me how troubled you are
I care but I really don't care
No, we've just met
I couldn't have ruined your life just yet
And by the way, if I'm so bad why do you keep calling me
And showing up in my bed?

Walking away when you're trying to stay
You put on a good show, put on a display
Give yourself some reasons why you behave
Like a lovesick fool on Valentine's Day
You never found the card that never did say
“I love you but I don't know why I act this way"

You, it was always you