1. Boxes

From the recording mal a' propos

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Produced by Michele Ari and John Roberson
All Original Words and Music Michele Ari
Guitar: Jeff Hime
Bass: Matt Halpern
Drums: Joe Dorn
Keys: "Fish" Michie
Theramin: Steve Poulton
Engineered by Dan someone or other.
Recorded at Nashville, TN
Mixed and Mastered by John Nixon, Ron Rose Productions, Detroit, MI

Photos: Richard Call


You paint a box around me
You think you know
There's nothing left for you to solve

Lean in closer
Listen to me
You don't know anything at all

My pride won't let me
Drown beneath your wake
You can ask again but I will never take

I've already given you my finest days
I can't get them back they say

Those pictures that you paint
Don't hang out on my walls
Ring me all you like
I won't return your calls

Rose tint glasses
Sure hide your eyes
I'm sorry if I took you by surprise

Smoke and mirrors
Sugar cookies
You can sugarcoat it till you're dead

Still I’ll maintain
And stick to who I am
I'll never eat again from the palms of your dirty hands