From Day One Michele Ari has drawn countless comparisons to Debbie Harry and Blondie. However valid those comparisons may be there is no mistaking that she is her own artist with her own voice embracing her late 70's and early 80's Punk and New Wave influences. Her biggest influence though is life itself as she poetically conveys back to us the human condition in all of its madness and all of its glory. For over a decade she has performed live in major US cities at premiere venues to enthusiastic audiences, with the support of a loyal and international fan base and the high praises of an international press through three critically acclaimed independent releases. It has been noted that "The Front Man is a Girl."

Michele is currently (2018) in pre-production on her fifth release having written and recorded music alongside legendary guitarist and songwriter John Ashton of 80s icons The Psychedelic Furs and recently with his own Satellite Paradiso  featuring a who's who of punk and new wave. The Huff Post places John in the company of Johnny Marr and The Edge naming him “that rare breed of guitar player whom you can identify in a single note or chord.”  He's appeared on Letterman, American Bandstand and decades later his music is still heard around the world most recently on the Call Me By My Name  (Oscar nomination Best Picture) soundtrack where the Furs' once again became chart toppers as they did with Pretty in Pink and a legacy of songs to put most catalogues to shame. John has also produced music for Sisters of Mercy and is working on new music with Marianne Faithfull.
Michele enjoys not having to enlighten her producer on her influences because John created the very influences she draws from. Not many artists get this kind of rare opportunity but Michele is not just any artist as you are about to find out.

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