Rod Stewart famously sang about blondes having more fun, and Michele Ari certainly has taken audiences along for the joy ride, in return for which they designated her as “The Front Man” noting correctly “but she is a girl.” 

A direct descendant of the tailor to the ill-feted Czar Nicholas II, Michele has proved herself to be a cut above - receiving lavish praise for each of her four solo EPs both in the US and abroad.   Her musical journey,  one not for the faint at heart,  has taken her through the American hinterland playing out-of-the-way spit-and-sawdust dive bars and premiere venues alike,  in major and minor US cities,  all while building up a loyal and dedicated fan base in her home country and abroad  -not an easy feat for one person on her own.  But,  Michele is not like any person you have ever met. 

While her musical style reflects soundscapes that combine elements of 70s Glam Rock,  80s New Wave and New Romantic sounds, among parading paragraphs of polyphony,  with hints of even country and disco,  it is her irreverent lyrical take on the agonies and ecstasies of life that she cleverly surmises  poetically and hands back as though holding up a mirror to us all,  wrapped up intelligently   in the form of a femme fatale who embodies “the genuine desire for making music she was born to” -Subba Cultcha, London- that can’t help but grab hold of you and never let you go,  a choice you wouldn’t dare consider making once you have been let inside of her world. 

After two decades behind the mic and in front of an array of audiences,  Michele has added a new page among the numerous chapters of her musical career.  In 2022,  her fifth recording, “New Page” will be released with the single “Little Parties” kicking things off on August 26th.  Created under the stellar tutelage of iconic musician, songwriter, composer and producer John Ashton – longtime guitarist for The Psychedelic Furs, With “New Page,”  and recorded at High Winds Audio, a stone’s throw from where The Furs recorded Forever Now, “New Page” is  rich with some of modern rock’s noted musicians, including: Joe McGinty, who spent five years as The Psychedelic Furs’ keyboardist; Matthew Washburn, drummer and bassist and successful producer; Roger Morris, guitarist who was in the Furs’ original lineup; Duncan Kilburn, saxophonist noted for his melodies on the Furs’ hit, “Pretty in Pink” ; Fred Schreck, vocalist for “Satellite Paradiso  with a writing contribution from Frank Coleman, keyboardist and drummer for Ashton’s group “Satellite Paradiso.”

With “New Page,” Detroit-reared Ari has opened the cover to a personal new musical atmosphere. “Little Parties” is  a four-minute sojourn in the realm of crystallized Brit Pop taken from the playbook of Ari’s early inspirations such as Debbie Harry, with whom she shares a Miami birthplace, The Psychedelic Furs and Roxy Music. 

At present (and we never know for how long) Michele resides back in Tampa Bay following the unexpected death of her mother, her own brush with cancer and a global pandemic.  Never one to give up,  and true to form, her resilience is unmatched and Michele  is more spirited than ever as she brought herself back amongst friends, of which she has many around the world, and the place where she recorded her debut EP “85th and Nowhere” to which Seattle-based music site,, proclaimed “Keep an eye out for this lady, she’s going places!” 

How right they were and are.

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