1. Little Parties

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Little Parties

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All Lyrics and Music Michele Ari, Music John Ashton
Vocals: Michele Ari
Lead Guitar: John Ashton
Guitar: Roger Morris
Keyboards: Joe McGinty
Drums and Bass: Matthew Washburn

Vocals: Fred Schreck


All my love I poured into you
For all time and you always knew
You could sense I’d not gone far
Did you know I’d catch your falling star

I’m burning in your head
Pull away, pull away, pull away
Drawing breath
Nothing’s left
Pull away

This is hot to the touch
Burn away, burn away, burn away
Fan flames of desire
Burn away

I don’t watch rerun movies
Don’t care much for little parties
Don’t need the radio dial
Just want to see you here again

I want to kiss your lips again
I want to sing that song we sang
I’ve thrown away the TV
Entertain me

Crystal clear
Growing fear
Draw away, draw away, draw away
Foolish hearts, false starts
Draw away

How do you keep me here
Run away, run away, run away
Everything's so wrong
Run away

Losing ground not a sound
Hush away, hush away, hush away
Disappear, drawing near
Hush away