1. Swept Away

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Swept Away

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All Lyrics and Music Michele Ari, Music John Ashton
Vocals: Michele Ari
Lead Guitar: John Ashton
Guitar: Roger Morris
Keyboards: Joe McGinty
Drums and Bass: Matthew Washburn
Saxophone: Duncan Kilburn


Restless like an unplayed piano
You say I’m strange
But I don’t know

Maybe I just live a million miles above
Maybe I’m just too absurd for words

I’m swept away

Who’d ever thought that I’d love you
Quite as much as I do
Could it be I never looked so deep inside
Could it be there’s nothing left to hide

I’m swept away

I can hear your dreams across the distance
Restive screaming technicolor pictures of the god you once were

Undefined yet concrete
Keeping cool upon the hot seat
I never asked for any guarantees
I thought by morning I was free to leave

I’m swept away