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Depraved Heart Murderer

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All Lyrics and Music Michele Ari, Music John Ashton
Vocals: Michele Ari
Lead Guitar: John Ashton
Guitar: Roger Morris
Keyboards: Joe McGinty
Drums and Bass: Matthew Washburn
Saxophone: Duncan Kilburn


Pandora keeps a little box
Inside are all her wild thoughts
She stores them deep inside her soul
If you have to ask you do not need to know

Don’t fill my glass up one more time
Unless you plan to stay a while
Someday I’ll meet someone like you
Hope its not someone like you

A depraved heart murderer
Now you’ve got my severed head
Dangerous and reckless yet

Drums and thunder sounding long
Should have left you at Club 21
I fall for it every time
Steal my heart then feed my mind

Once inside it's hard to leave
The grip of someone’s make believe
I fall for it every time

Depraved heart murderer
Now you’ve got my severed head
Negligent and reckless yet

I heard you confessed in the night
And I’m told you shed tears of delight