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  1. Nevermind

From the album 85th and Nowhere

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Woke up in last night's make-up
wearing last night's dress
never mind the drama
never mind the mess

You were the first in line
and the last to go
Where you'd stop no one knows
So you told some lies to get you by
convinced you'd make it through the night
Never mind the details
Never mind the fight

It was one thing to remember
but better to forget
the night you fell in love
the night you wish you'd never met
Oh, never mind

Now you search your world to find all you've left behind
you can't stand the memories and the memories can't stand you
wrapped in unforgiving sheets and even your two pillows weep
never mind the consolation
never mind the desperation
never mind

You played a little of this a lot of that
Enough to give a girl a heart attack
Bet you sure believed it might
but pain it can't kiss you good night

So never mind

Words and Music Michele Ari and Scott Harrell
copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved