1. Pretty

From the recording 85th and Nowhere

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Produced by Ronny Elliott/Michele Ari
Word and Music, Michele Ari, Music Paul Catala
Recorded at Hitmaker's Studio, Tampa, Fl.

All Lyrics/Vocals: Michele Ari
Track One: Michele Ari/Pete DeLong
TrackTwo: Michele Ari
Track Three: Michele Ari/Pete DeLong
Track Four: Michele Ari/Scott Harrell
Track Five: Michele Ari/Remy Buck

Guitar/Keys: Kamran Mir
Bass: Mugabe Tenn
Drums: Dan DeGregory
Guest Guitar; Scott Harrell
Guest Keys: Jeremy Gloff
Guest Vox: Ronny Elliott, Scott Harrell, Rebekah Pulley, Billy Summer

Engineered by Bill Mason

Front Cover: Michele Ari
Insert: Michele Ari
Back Cover: Danny McGuire
Graphic Design: Michael J. Pfeifer
Recorded analogue to digital


Sometimes all I've got is “pretty”
When all else seems to fail

Sometimes all I've got is “pretty”
When words just up and leave me

Sometimes all you lack is kindness
When things you've done turn to blindness

So I sit and feel the burns from your words
As you sit and you say you don't need me
You don't need me

Should have run
Should have known
Just believed what they say about those you say they love and then leave you
Could have run
Could have turned
But I didn't and learned that sometimes all you get is “pretty”