You Should Write a Book! How the Girl Became (and Stayed) The Front Man

Detroit. Dead of Winter. 2018.

I'm sitting in a dive bar with punk rock legend (Pigface, PIL, NIN) drummer Martin Atkins. 

Martin: "So how did you get your start?"

Me: Thinking back nearly 20 years earlier, through the fog and suppressed tears of having watched my mother and best friend die just two weeks earlier and the shock of finding myself stranded in my hometown decades after I left to pursue my life as an artist. I sat in ignorance over the fact that my life was on its road to getting much worse, before it became better than I ever imagined it could. I had one moment in me where I cared and so I answered his genuine inquiry, in kind, with earnestness. 

Continue reading on here to find out the unexpected answer to his 64 million dollar question ... <span style="color:#ffff00;">VOCAL.</span>

Created October 6th, 2020. The year of The Virus. 

Everything that once appeared here is in the process of being moved to Vocalan online platform for writers and what are songs but stories afterall? I am paid for every read so read on and share but, if you do, please share my music as that is, was and will always be the point of all of this mayhem, madness, passion and adventure.

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Great storytelling. You really should write

a book! Annie W., UK

 Wow what a story! I am shaking. Thanks for sharing that. Write that book!  Laurie, Georgia

This just in, you are not alone and yes, you are a good storyteller. Waiting for the next chapter. ❤️? Wade, Connecticut

What a great story. Michelle your a wonderful writer , story teller who paints a picture I can see as I read this .

Nobody loves the rain in Portland ... can't wait for the next chapter! Gary. R., Seattle