With a voice like this her life was surely always going to take this path. What a tragic waste of such natural ability had it not! Michele Ari sings in a way that most people could only ever hope for. She has such melodic pull. A capability to evoke countless emotions. It’s a haunting almost. A subtle presence that gently ghosts you, yet so firm in it’s manifestation! It’s the perfect narrator for her lyrics, bringing an intensity of unquestionable depth!

85th and Nowhere is a 6 track mini album of considerable ambience. An inspired vehicle in which to introduce us to Michele. Opening song My Sleeping Beauty is an achingly heartfelt composition that seems to combine bitterness and poignancy together in uncontrived similarity. A penetrating insight I’m sure! Second track Please and third one 85th and Nowhere have bounciness, good guitars and rock n roll drum beats. The former containing a lyrically acerbic outpouring of frustrating anger, and the title track, with a new wave kinda feel to it, finds Michele sounding like Deborah Harry did when she was at her best in the 80’s.

Nevermind is a call to arms for reckless abandonment and self indulgence and it’s all wrapped up and complimented by excellent guitar riffs. But the gorgeous ballad Pretty is where her voice is most powerful. A full and infiltrating richness so overwhelming and formidable nothing could ever possibly distract from this! The album closes with the acoustic, summertime sounding jangle of 1,000 Kisses and it’s lyrical leanings that suggest someone is falling in love, or at least liking someone enough to want to kiss them 1000 times. It’s an endearingly lovely smiley joyous song and an inspired choice to end on!