The Front Man is a Girl

When you visit the myspace page of Michele Ari the heading reads, "The Front Man is a Girl," and for some reason reading that sparked something in me. These days there are thousands of female vocals and many fine female singers right here in Chicago. However, is there a difference between a vocalist and frontman? I say yes, and Michele Ari is a bona fide frontman. Based in Nashville, she just released her second album mal a' propos and the first two tracks, 6am and Boxes are currently streaming at Fearless Radio. There is a strength and a confidence in Michele's voice that fits perfectly the contemporary alt-pop backing. It's nothing complicated or groundbreaking, but there is always room for well-written pop. The frontman is the center piece, the attention getter, and the hook, and Michele is all of those things and more.

Michele is coming to Chicago on November 21st and will first be playing at the Fearless Radio's studio at 4:00pm and then be playing with one of my favorite new local bands The Streets of Fire at Cal's. The Streets on Fire also just released an album, their debut, and are proving that lo-fi funk is not dead in this town. I recommend you stop by Cal's on the 21st to check out both Michele Ari and The Streets on Fire.