The Morbid Romantic, Edinburgh, Scotland

An unexpected, unsolicited and very passionate summation by Alan Baillie who must have just had me on his mind. And thank god for that.
Such was my admiration for her hard-working rock & roll honesty, the sheer determination to be recognised for the human being she was born to be it began to frustrate ME possibly as much as it did her that again and again she was overlooked by blinkered A&R men with specific instructions to hunt out one kind of particular human being with one specific marketable asset!
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Subba-Cultcha, London

Front Page Feature Interview with Alan Baillie
With Michele Ari it’s her seamless changes of direction, the genuine desire for making music she was born to. That’s the moments that remind me just how accomplished she really is. Scrunched up messiness and euphoric, wide eyed prettiness - she’s all of that, with the intensity of a snarling tiger for a soul. 
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Real Sounds UK

To reach people, to touch them, to relate to them and feel connected but mostly to entertain them.


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Rock n' Reel Magazine, UK

Feature/Interview   Philip Ward  British historian and author of Sandy Denny: Reflections of Her Music-
I don’t think about it. I’m here to have fun. If I think about it, if I worry about the possibility  of looking stupid, it’s all over.
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Ian Anderson cover

Windy City Rock, Chicago

I can clearly remember the first time I heard Michele Ari's music. We had connected on MySpace
of all places, where it's incredibly easy to ignore musicians because there's so many and most of
them aren't very good, but that just wasn't possible with Michele.Interview with Frank Krolicki

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Interview with Angie Biachi
Someone told her to come to Nashville. She was skeptical at first, thinking of Music City as a hub for mostly country music. But she came anyway
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